The Black Cat Barbershop

The Black Cat Barbershop & Salon

The Black Cat is a barbershop/salon in Rogersville Missouri. It is owned and operated by Alex Wray. We offer only the best in customer service and quality of haircuts. Equipped with state of the art tools and knowledge of classic styles as well as more modern trends. Not to mention top of the line product to keep you looking cool and confident.


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  • Basic Haircut $16 - A traditional haircut of your choice along with a blow dry, style, massaging shampoo, and neck shave.

  • Skin Fade $18 - A Haircut taken all the way down to skin. This option allows for more time with your barber to make those details extra sharp. Also includes a blow dry, style, shampoo, and neck shave.

  • Women’s Haircut $20 - We also service women with longer hairstyles. Includes the Haircut shampoo and blow dry/style. Performed by licensed cosmetologist Bailey Deeds.

  • Hot Towel Shave $20 - An old fashioned hot towel straight razor shave. Includes 3 hot towels infused with essential oils and finishes with a cool aftershave.

  • Hair Color Variable $ - We offer Basic hair colors as well as ombre and balayage. Prices vary depending on color chosen and length of hair. Appointment must be made for consultation first.

  • Kids Haircut $13 - Kids need cuts too. Perfect for ages 2-10. Haircut will most likely be done with a booster seat.

  • Beard Trim $14 - A clean up on on the beard to your specifications and includes a shave around the edges on the cheeks and neck. Finishing off with beard conditioner or beard balm.

  • Buzz Cut $12 - A straight forward buzz cut. One size clipper guard across the board. Includes a rinse out and neck shave.

  • Eyebrow Wax $8 - Shape up the eyebrows. (Performed by licensed cosmetologist Bailey Deeds.)

  • Clean Up $8 - Simple clean up around the ears and neck. Will also include a neck shave, blow dry, and style. Or just a clean up on the beard with no shave.


About Me


I’m from Rogersville Missouri and graduated from the Academy of Hair Design and acquired my Barber license in early 2017. It was also around this time that I opened Outlaw Gentlemen with a business partner. In my time there I learned a lot about hair cutting, customer service, and shop management. In September of 2018 I felt it was time to open a shop that would truly be mine and where I could stand on my own two feet and do things the way I wanted to. I’m looking forward to the future and where it will take me. I hope to see you in the shop!